The Chante' / The Chantel

Buying a home comes with financing issue. Not every time it becomes possible for a prospective buyer to arrange for the finance and find a suitable home in the area of choice. This is where Manufactured Housing Consultants plays its role.

We present a comprehensive selection of extraordinary mobile homes and Clearance models that wonderfully accommodate your needs and interests. From low-income buyers to credit challenged consumers, Manufactured Housing Consultants offer help to them all. We help realize every home buyers dream of owning a manufactured home like The Chantel at a less price value.

  • The Chante' / The Chantel

    New 2 or 3 bedroom 16' wide home. The most affordable new energy efficient home on the market. With home only base prices starting at only $28,900 why buy used?

Clearance Models

The Chante' / The Chantel Ponderosa Big Foot New Generation The Pecos The Presidio The Aristocrat The Metropolitan The Knockout